Stewardship at Lord of Life is how we think about using the gifts that God has placed in our life. The goal of the Stewardship Team is to help everyone in our community live into our vision “that all have life through the love of Christ” by exploring the abundance that God has already placed in their lives.
Yes, this means the Stewardship Team wants to talk about money (because we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it). But it also means that we want to help you unleash the abundance of talents and other gifts that God has placed in your life. 
It’s a simple question: What’s your story?
But these simple words are packed with meaning.
How did you get where you are?
Who helped you along the way?
Who taught you what you know?
Whether you have told your story a thousand times, or you are thinking about it for the first time,  you have a story to share. And Lord of Life wants to help you share it!
The Stewardship Team is collecting stories from anyone who is willing to contribute. The process is simple: Click Here and answer the 6 questions provided. Be as detailed as you choose. Don’t worry about having the perfect words or all your commas in the right place. Just put your story down on paper and the Stewardship Team will take care of the rest.

Our goal is to build a collection of stories that can be shared with our community to help us connect to one another, learn from one another, and grow in our faith.

Want to know more? Contact Elizabeth McPherson or Shellie Herman for more information.

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