Hurricane Readiness 2020

Update August 21, 2020
This weekend we are watching the weather patterns as two separate tropical depressions form in the Gulf and preparing for the possibility that one or both could seriously impact the greater Houston area. As we monitor these storms, the Gulf Coast Synod Disaster Response team reminds us that we want to be sure that we are prepared so that when a storm hits we are able to care for our family which will allow us to care for our community. This need is heightened given the continuing effects of COVID-19 on our community. As we brace for a potential storm what would become crowded spaces under normal conditions will still be places where we should be practicing social distancing and trying to minimize our exposure.
Take some time to review the 72 Hour Lutheran Disaster Preparedness checklist that is put out by our Synod Disaster Response team. Water, non-perishables, batteries, and more will all be important to have on hand. The team also recommends that you make sure we, Lord of Life, have updated contact information for your household. This is a great opportunity to log into Realm and manage your contact information directly. You can update addresses, phone numbers, e-mails to make sure that we can get a hold of you in the wake of an event either to ensure your safety or to update you on relief efforts we are undertaking. If you are having trouble logging in please call the church office (281-367-7016) between 8:30 and 4:30 M-F or e-mail me at and we will work to get you connected.
As the storms progress, watch your e-mail, Facebook, and Realm for updates from Lord of Life.

Finally, I offer this reminder: How we act, especially in times of crisis, is seen by others as a reflection of our faith. The grace of God is abundant and can forgive all things. But how we treat the person taking our parking spot, or the grocery clerk restocking shelves, or the fellow shopper who reaches for the last case of water at the same time we do are all seen by those around us as an indication of how followers of Jesus truly act. May God grant you the peace of mind, the assurance of God’s abundance, and the courage of the saints before us so that in all things we can be a light shining with the love of God “that all have life through the love of Christ.”


God loves each of you and I do too,

Pastor David